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A FreeFlow Nation

We envision a complementary digital nation which flows freely across physical borders, and which welcomes everyone as a digital citizen.

Our mission is to build a framework for a better way forward for our planet. We aim to reduce dependency on, and eliminate barriers created by, flawed and biased centralized systems, and to put people back in control.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them,” Albert Einstein.


Areas of focus, in varying stages of development

Banking The Unbanked | Access to complementary digital currencies that are backed, and a more secure, decentralized wallet.


Sustainable 5G | A more sustainable & safe connectivity solution. Let's not fry our brains.


Our Digital Self | Taking back control of personal data & privacy.


FreeFlow Values


Equal Opportunity 

Independent of location, race or religion. Censorship should not block access to information. Cost of the information system needs to be low enough so that everyone can afford to participate.

Everyone can deliver services or products to everyone else with minimal intermediate steps. Intermediaries are often necessary but should charge fair costs in relation to their added value. It's not acceptable that a poor farmer receives only 5% of the price we pay for the product in the shop. This is neither sustainable for them nor for the planet.



We declare that respect and not fear nor ego will be the basis of our communications and our actions in this digital nation. We don’t have to agree, but respect and tolerance for other opinions is a must.


Data Neutrality & Privacy

We have sole ownership of our created information / content (e.g. photos, text, videos). No one has access to our information unless we have given explicit access rights. We define the circles (groups of people) we want to communicate with and we have absolute freedom to decide what we want to share, and with whom we share it. We can at any point in time retrieve and destroy our information or revoke access rights.

Data cannot be manipulated and we can ask for verification of the information at any point in time, it's up to the person who shares to withhold that proof but at least we then know that the source wants to stay anonymous and cannot be validated.

It should be technically impossible for a hacker or other organization to change information and represent it in another way than originally intended.

We have the ability to search & consume information in freedom and neutrality. We don’t like that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm decides what information gets priority or is blocked. Today we navigate in a restricted information world, much smaller than we believe. Keeping us uninformed and manipulating the information which is being presented to us can influence our consumption and voting actions.

Censorship is not acceptable and goes against our beliefs; info should be accessible for everyone.


Protecting our Planet

If we don’t want to be the product then we need to accept paying for what we consume.

If it's free, we are the product. Free does not exist. Often it means we pay in other ways at a price in excess of the cost of the resources we actually use. We need to be respectful of finite world resources.


Access to Reliable Complementary Currencies

Complementary currencies are not meant to replace existing currencies, but rather complement. They can have unique properties, they can be designed more as a store of value, or serve as a medium of exchange.

We need to be able to keep our fiat or digital currencies safe at all times. We need to be able to exchange value without having to pay huge transaction or exchange fees.

Others should not be able to influence or obtain non-transparent benefits from our transactions.


Products that are Sustainable and Described Fairly

We declare that we want to produce high quality and sustainable products or services. We need the description of products and services to be done fairly. A transparent reputation system can help.


Acceptance that we are not powerless and need to act ourselves

Many believe we have no choice and need to live in the current structures without a way to have an impact. We believe everyone should be a master of their own destiny. The current systems are huge and very efficient but that also makes them very vulnerable. If only 10 percent of us would change the buying decisions we make, these large companies would not be able to continue the way they currently work and change would come. These companies are more vulnerable than many believe.

We have to be responsible and look at the choices we can make ourselves – what do we eat, consume, how do we travel, & so on. This doesn’t mean we have no right to a financially comfortable life, but it means

We have to act and help heal the world.

Our Approach for a Better World

What it will take. Built on freedom, and respect for humanity and for nature.


Our "Digital Self" needs to be owned by our selves.

We are already cyborgs – our phones are an extension of our minds, they make us smarter and faster. Our identity and data on the Internet is our "Digital Self," which we unfortunately don't own. We became a product and need our freedom back.


FreeFlow Complementary Digital Currencies

Our Digital Nation needs a set of safe complementary digital currencies. They need to be compatible with our existing fiat currencies, maintain their value in all situations, globally usable, freely exchangeable and cannot be abused by centralized organizations or hackers. Most current digital currencies are not good enough yet.


FreeFlow Connectivity, Internet, & Information

We need a safe digital backbone to create our FreeFlow Nation. The current internet is too expensive, power hungry, centralized and not scalable enough. We need a better 100% decentralized alternative owned by us all.


FreeFlow Digital Citizens & Ecosystem

Everyone can become a citizen of our FreeFlow nation as long as they agree with our values.



are people who believe in our values and are supporting us on the journey to a better world. They are proud members of the community and contribute time and effort.

From organizing local events to sharing FreeFlow with their circles to dreaming up future projects, there are many ways to get involved.

Together ambassadors form the essential driving force behind the FreeFlow movement.

Let us know down at the bottom of this page if you're interested in becoming a FreeFlow ambassador.


Founding Team

We are a team of people who are passionate about making the world a better place.

Of course, we are not actually giraffes.

We do have a lot in common, though this is no time to bury our heads in the sand.

The world needs some help now, and we want to act, not talk.


This is a big vision and we'll need to do this together.

There are many ways to get involved. Let us know how you can help, or how we can help you.

Spread the word.

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