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Don't (just) talk. Act.


Become a Digital Citizen

Are you aligned with our manifesto? Do you believe that we should be in control of our digital selves and all that comes with that? If so, take the steps to become a digital citizen as a part of the FreeFlow Nation.


Become an Ambassador

Take a more active approach in FreeFlow Nation. Try to expand the community through sharing the movement with friends and family and your own network, attending (or even organizing) local events, and more.


Fund a Project

We have several ways to get involved if you would like to help financially. Your contributions will go directly to supporting specific efforts related to the 1 Billion goal.

If you're interested in getting involved, please use the form below.
In the future, we will have more seamless ways of participation.


This is a big vision and we'll need to do this together. There are many ways to get involved, including what is listed on this page both above & below.

Let us know how you can help, or how we can help you.

Other Opportunities


FreeFlow Pages is a decentralized, private, and open source social space where you own and control your privacy and personal data. FreeFlow Pages will feel familiar – you can invite and add friends, and share photos, links, and other updates. Additionally, you can join private permissioned social spaces, or create a new space for your project, group of friends, initiative, or company. And no ads!

The One Year Program is a chance to travel, live, & work in three coutries over the course of a year. ThreeFold Nomads prefer to work anywhere in the world and care about the world. Looking for web developers / designers, backend developers, project & product managers, writers, marketeers, community builders, & more.

1 Purpose + 1 Team + 1 Year = ThreeFold Results.


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