How can we get to 1B?

According to The World Bank, nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 per day. A similar number of people are not classified as Internet users (with only 16% of schools having Internet access in the least developed countries). And 1.7 billion adults, or more, remain unbanked.

Here's how we can (all) help to change that:

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Existing Projects

FreeFlow projects are already making an impact across three key sectors – education, Internet, and banking. Innovation Lab Schools has nearly 1.000 teachers involved around the world, and connects students in Africa with schools across 90 countries via video conferencing. The ThreeFold Foundation has 80 million gigabytes of responsible internet capacity online globally today, and growing. And Kleos is working on a better 5g solution.

NBH Digital is working to create a financial platform with decentralization as its backbone. And the Talamanca Land Bank is empowering local farmers in Costa Rica, and developing a token that will be backed by one square meter of the rainforest. It is all coming together.


Growing the Movement

We are proud of our ongoing projects, but in some ways, we know this is just the beginning. Through the movement, we will connect many more people and organizations already doing good and (we hope) inspire others to join in. We are beginning to share our message and we will continue to do so.

If you or anyone you know is working on a project you think may make sense, please get in touch. Let's collaborate.



Nothing is free (and if it is free, then the product is you). We are always happy to talk about and grateful to receive investment.

Investment does not have to mean money, though. FreeFlow Ambassadors dedicate time to helping to grow the movement. You can reach us here.

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